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battery or charger issue?


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charger does not work majority of time. I play with charger plug and 1 time out of 50 times it starts working (light illuminates), but only for a few minutes then stops working with battery only slightly recharged. won't work again.


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I vote charger. The easy way to tell is to go to a store that sells Surface tablets and test with theirs. Doesn't sound like the battery.

Some people have suggested cleaning the socket and the contacts.


I contacted Microsoft and they sent me a spare charger.
But I also vote for going first to a shop (I didn't think about it back then)


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Having the same problem now, literally sent my device off they found no fault with it, and it's got to be my pissing charger not to friendly on investing £65 on a new one though even though i could get a replacement it's pissing waiting for one! Hate this experience.


Why paying?
If the charger is broken it's covered by warranty. Takes a few days to arrive but Microsoft support sent me a new charger after 5 minute Online Chat because I couldn't charge my Smartphone and Surface at the same time.
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