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Best way to carry Surface Pen?

I bought a carrying bag that negates this issue as it has its own own loop (this is with sp3 but it is no different).

I refuse to use the loop as its just flimsy and I have no trust in it, not to mention awkward, and I refuse to use the clip and groove "just in case"

To me this is one area where ms really need a better solution. I don't like pen silos because then you end up with a craooy Samsung stick that is plain awful to use, but I like the idea of a small silo that the pen clip slots into.
I recommend two pen loops. With only one pen loop it flops around and pulls off easily.

You can clip it to the keyboard, and there is a ridge for it to rest in, but then you have to pull the pen off the keyboard when you want to type.

Avoid the "cleaning" doohickeys. I bought one, and not only is it ugly and inconvenient; it ended up snagging in my bag and ripping the holder off the pen. I complained to them and they basically said you're-holding-it-wrong.


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I carry it in my shirt pocket. I do have a bag I carry the computer in, there are places in the bag to keep pens. Since I normally keep my readin glasses and a writing utensil in my shirt pocket, the stylus is no extra burden.
Why use a pen loop stuck to the keyboard with adhesive when you can just clip the pen to the keyboard?
because you have to take the pen off of the keyboard when you want to type. obviously it can't be there if the keyboard is lying flat, and even when propped up magnetically it doesn't work.

also because it increases the overall thickness of the device + pen. with the pen loop, the S3 lies flat either way.

that said, I do find this the most secure way of carrying the pen and have considered dumping my pen loops. not yet though...