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Using Skydrive for music, and Xbox Music...?


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Hey all,

I have recently started syncing all my music to Skydrive, and had a couple questions.

1. Is there a particular way I should set up the folders to make them easily accessible. This makes more sense when you consider my second question...

2. Is it possible to access all of your Skydrive music in, say, Xbox Music, or a similar app? I want to be able to play all the music without having to select individual tracks, if possible.

I noticed that when I logged in to Xbox Music there was a popup message that said something to the tune of "there is now music on Skydrive that can be played through Xbox Music...", but I can't see any of the music on my songs list.

Does anyone know how all of this works who could offer a possible solution? Would be much appreciated!

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Not sure if you are in 8.1 or not, but on 8.1 I have some music in sky drive. I have it in a file called music than in music file there are sep folders for each artists. Anyway all I had to do is go to the desktop than navigate to skydrive folder and right click on the music folder in skydrive than choose include in Library and choose music library. Than Xbox musics should pull it in. This is just one way but I am sure there are other ways to do this as well....
awesome, thank you. Never thought to right click because I usually just use touch, but definitely going to plug in my mouse and give it a try.

thanks again,
FYI for anyone who stumbles across this:

The way I got my Skydrive music synced with Xbox Music...

1. Go to desktop mode
2. Open the file manager/browser
3. on the left sidebar, click on "desktop"
4. In the "desktop" directory, click "libraries"
5. In "libraries", Highlight "Music" by clicking on it.
6. At the top of the page there will be a highlighted "manage" option. Select it.
7. A popup will open, showing where Xbox Music draws its files and meta data from. In the popup box, click "add".
8. Find your Skydrive, select the music folder you want included in your Music Library, and click OK.

Easy from there. That will keep Xbox Music and Skydrive synced.
You could simply select a music folder under SkyDrive and select Include in Library -> Music

Yea, true. But when you told me that, I (due to my own ineptitude) assumed you were referring to the Skydrive App (rather than desktop file view), so I was unable to make it work that way. Now that I know it will be easier.

But, I thought I would add the method I discovered in case a newb like myself stumbles across this when trying to solve their own problems. I wouldn't have said anything if I hadn't come across my own thread on the first page of a Google search this morning.

Its one of the only threads pertaining to this issue, so I wanted to cover all bases, for the sake of frustrated internet patrons.

But thanks all the same!