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Bidul - S-USBHub 4-in-1 5-Port Hub for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT


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It covers the volume down button on the Pro 1. It's designed for the Surface 1.
If you are fine with that, and the fact that's USB 2.0, then sure.
I ordered one shortly after buying my SP2 last month and it's served me well. Like GoodBytes said, it is designed for the original Surface RT's USB port placement so on newer model Surface tablets it will cover the volume-down button, but it's not awful. You can always turn the volume down from the screen itself.

I find it very handy when turning my SP2 into a desktop - with the Bidl inserted, I can add on a mouse, DVD drive and external storage. I find this useful for when I'm installing PC games and the like onto my Surface.

Of course, the same can be done with the Surface Pro 2 Docking Station, but those are rare as a silver Yu-Gi-Oh! card these days and can only be found on eBay... although I am starting to become severely tempted to shell out just that little bit extra for one...

But in summary, this little device is perfect for turning your SP2 into a desktop when on-the-go. Even if I do buy a Docking Station, that will remain firmly at home. Should I need more ports, I can bring this handy little pocket-sized device with me wherever I go, along with whatever I'd need to plug into it.


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Does the S2/SP2 have a USB 3 port? Does this device change it to USB 2 or is that what it had to start with?


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The Surface Pro 2 and the Surface 2 both have USB 3.0.
USB 3.0 is backward compatible to USB 2.0, yes.
OK thanks, hadn't realized this accessory would slow the USB speed capabilities so much -- which would be fine for a mouse or something, but not my USB 3.0 external hard drive :-(


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but not my USB 3.0 external hard drive :-(

Unless you're writing huge chunks of data to the drive every single time you plug it in you won't notice a difference. I have an inexpensive passive 2.0 4 port splitter I use on the go, and no issues with accessing data or playing HD movies. Copying across 3.0 USB devices. . well. . I have a powered 3.0 hub for that, or I just deal with the slightly longer transfer times.

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I finally got mine and it works fine except it won't recognize both an SD and a Micro SD card if both are plugged in at the same time for some reason.


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Dear All,

Bidul & Co launch the Hub S-USBHub 4in1 USB 3.0
You can find it on Best Buy or on Amazon.com

The product just get the Agreement "Designed for Surface"
Thanks for your support,

If you have any troubles, our want to exchange about your experience with our products, please feel free to contact me.


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Just a suggestion branding-wise -- if I'm going to have a big hunk of something hanging off he side of my SP2, I'd rather it wasn't prominently covered in bold white branding info, smaller lettering and in a more subtle gray-on-black ;-)
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