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3d print fan box - prevent throttling


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To begin this is the only issue that I have come across with the surface.

So, first thing is research!!

Here is a quick video from one of the lead designers explaining how the fan works.

My intent is to provide the files for those who have their own 3d printers.

I will update this 1st post when I progress more into this project.

Little update:
These are the parts that I have purchased and will be working with.
1. 4 pin connector

2. Internal laptop fan.
Amazon.com: Eathtek New CPU Cooling Fan For DELL LATITUDE E6400 FX128: Computers & Accessories

3. USB to 4 pin connector

4. USB port hub
Amazon.com: Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs (HB-UMLS): Computers & Accessories

I have started a model but not finished yet.



little update I soldered the red and black wires together for the connector and the usb. my current cable is a little short for how i want to arrange things, so I am going to go get a little extension.

Made a model that may work need to find time to print it. Test weeks have come up so I have been a little busy.

Okay! Well I printed it it turned out great. Everything fits tight, you have to be careful pulling the support material out or you might crack a wall, like i did, but nothing a little hot glue wont fix. I found that a screwdriver and a dental pick work pretty good at pulling the support material out. Overall it wasn't that bad to deal with.


I printed a little cover to put over the fan hole the tabs didn't fit right so i just cut the pins off and hot glued it on.

On the surface

I will upload the files in a bit!

Here is my disclaimer.

I will not take responsibility for you breaking your own stuff. Something happens because you used this.. (not saying it will) then it is your own fault.

As promised:
STL file:
Dropbox - fan cover.STL
Solidworks file:
fan cover stl
Dropbox - FAN DUCT.STL
Fan duct without usb
Dropbox - FAN DUCT without usb.STL
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The last 10 seconds of the video caught my attention:

- The metal bar on the kickstand doesn't have the two feet (similar to the Surface 3)
- The device is bent.


Looking forward to this.
I have about 5 different Fans and a 5v->12V step up adapter ready.


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1st attempt at printing this design, may change depending on this print. The orientation uses the least amount of support.


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1st attempt at printing this design, may change depending on this print. The orientation uses the least amount of support.

The support material was not hard to deal with at all. I under estimated the shrinkage, so I will be editing this and reprinting.



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Looking good. This here is another 3D printed design one of the forum users developed. He has a version 1 that just blew air on the back of the device, but learned that there is air intake on top so he changed the design a bit.

SP3 Duct 2.0 (Stops thermal throttling!) | Microsoft Surface Forums

Ya i didn't like his design so i made my own, mine uses an internal laptop fan and the duct on top changes the air flow direction, so the surface sucks the air in from the top. This is why I did the research.. in the first post.


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Sorry for completely bringing this back from the dead, but I need to get this file! This is hands down the best air duct I've found online, mainly because it hides the fan behind the surface. I use my SP3 with my dual monitor setup 2 monitors with the surface underneath both, in the middle) and the other ducts I've found have the fan sitting on top of the surface, sticking out like a sore thumb. Does anyone have the original files? The links no longer work..