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Microphone enhancements missing


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I've done some searching and found people that seem to have the same situation and that is that sometime around the 2/16 (or 2/17 whatever) update a new audio driver was installed that removes the ability to set enhancements on the microphone. So there is no boost option or option to cancel out background noise.

Many suggested downloading the drivers directly from Realtek... cool that brings back everything with the microphone however then when plugging in headphones they are detected but no sound comes out. The volume meter appears to show sound (green bar moves) but nothing actually comes out. Seems one can't be fixed without the other breaking.

Has anyone found a fix or experienced the same thing? I didn't see any posts of people that installed the Realtek drivers having the same issue with the headphones, so I don't know if it's just something I'm doing (or not doing) or what. I use my SP4 to talk to friends on Teamspeak, Skype, Hangouts, and the background noise is way too much.


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I assume that you know you need to use an adapter to split the audio out and mic in into two jacks. I hated when they switched from two jacks to one jack on computers a few years ago.


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I'm not trying to use an external mic, I want to use the built in mic. My headphones are just plain earbuds with no mic. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean?