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bought an SP2


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I'm impulsive, but not enough to go to the midnight launch event. Anyway, typing this on a Surface Pro 2 with 8/256 configuration. I was out of disk space and memory on my SP1, so I had to upgrade. So far here are my impressions:

1. It is noticeably faster. Didn't think I'd be able to tell, but so far things seem zippy. Of course this could be the fresh install, who knows.

2. New kickstand is huge. I think I prefer the new angle generally, and it will be very nice for working less obviously during meetings. Most importantly, it definitely is more stable on the lap (I have short legs, but I think it is going to work for me).

3. Not exactly the same product but I totally dig the new keyboard covers (I bought both). Backlighting is of course huge, but the more significant thing is that THE NEW TOUCH COVER ACTUALLY WORKS! (unlike the old one, which was cute but not really functional.) and the new touch cover is noticeably thinner, whereas I can't really tell on the new type cover.

4. Am syncing a bunch of files so have not been off the A/C to check battery life. More in a few days.

The best part so far was the experience in the MSFT Store. They bought my SP1 from me for $350 but let me keep the power supply and pen. They wanted a keyboard with it so I gave them my old Touch Cover (useless anyway). Then they transferred the extended warranty from my SP1 to the SP2, which I didn't even think they would consider doing.

Oh, and I bought it while the Crapple launch event was going on. What , no thumbprint for the iPads? But it's OK, Apple never dominates any markets for more than a few years.