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Warranty differences for SP4 ?


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I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the closest physical MS store is in Minneapolis.
I'm wondering if anyone has comments on whether there is significant difference between the Best Buy and Microsoft warranties.
In my case, all BB stores are sold out and I can order either through BB or from the MS store (Canada).
I have not considered Costco because they only supply a black keyboard.
Just wondering which is my best option ??

thanks .. Ron


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If Costco has the best price for the Surface and are near you. Why not buy the Surface from Costco and get other accessories elsewhere? Get the keyboard wherever they have the color you want.

To initiate MS Complete Warranty Protection, you have to present the device at a MS store for physical inspection. I also live far from a MS store and didn't go with MS extended warranty protection because of that. I purchased the Surface from Best Buy, but got an Extended Warranty through SquareTrade. I talked them into 3 years no deductible for just $315. You can't get 3 years of coverage from anyone else. And SquareTrade has a better coverage policy than Best Buy. Best Buy give refurbs, but SquareTrade will give you the money you paid for the Surface back in full.


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If you want MS Complete Care, you have to buy it when you buy your Surface...or...take the Surface into a MS Store within 45 days of purchase so they can look at it, then they'll let you buy Complete Care. This is a change in their policy from a year ago when I bought my SP3 from Best Buy then bought Complete Care through the online MS Store several days later.


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I wanted to also mention, SquareTrade has a 5 day service guarantee. So you won't have to wait long to be paid. In cases where I had such circumstances with SquareTrade, they paid pretty quickly for the full amount of the device. So I could use the money however I wanted. No force to use the money to buy another device if you don't want to. They just send the money and its yours to keep.


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Thanks @Darnellmc ... so far it appears that SquareTrade does not operate in Canada ... only US and UK. I'm awaiting confirmation on that.

thanks @Telstar .... looks like I would have to order directly from MS then.

I'm going to the city today and will see if Costco has one in stock ... can't believe there is such a shortage !!! Good to see though.