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Decided to wait for the Surface Pro 2


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stewie2218814qr.gifPerhaps the connection was breast feeding and constant baby whining about a kickstand... :cry: could be. BUT I dont believe the kick stand would have worked at any other angle or at least adjustable with out compromising the integrity of the kickstand over time.
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Simple. It is a major feature of the device implemented poorly as a result of bad thinking. Anytime I am forced to seek an aftermarket solution to make a product work as it should have from the box to me that is design fail. Considering you are the first one to mention breast-feeding in any way in this thread I have to wonder who exactly has breast feeding issues? Think about it. Without help from anyone else, your mind made a connection between breast feeding and Surface Pro kickstands. You have to admit that is kind of weird.

The kickstand is fine. It provides better angles than most tablets can offer without a case.

In regards to their experiment, this wouldn't be the first time they have done this. UAC for example was developed on purpose to annoy users, to make applications not used elevated commands.


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Hence pretty much 99% of the reviews out there gave it the "so close but no cigar" mantle. It isn't just me. This is the consensus thinking by the tech community.

99% of the reviewers didn’t like the Office 2007 Ribbon, but yet it still remains.