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Optimum waiting time to get the best Surface Pro: 2 weeks (June 26)


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Surface Pro is still my favourite tablet pc, Haswell ones have better battery life but I really don't need that so much. I'm starting to see 2nd hand cheaper Surface Pros, so this is my plan to reduce the risks: I'll wait 2 weeks until Microsoft's BUILD and...

a) Haswell Surface Pro presentation ---> buy it
b) No Haswell Surface Pro presentation ---> no Haswell Surface Pro soon, so buy 2nd hand cheaper Surface Pro


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What makes you think a Haswell Surface Pro presentation will lead to it being available "soon"?

If past performance is anything to go buy it'll be available "in the coming months" which equates to 6-9 months in Microsoft time.

I had second thoughts about picking up the Surface Pro when it finally got here 2 weeks ago, but in the end, I didn't want to wait another month just to have a brand new device with no release date to wait on. It's too frustrating.


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my guess that rt now the emphasis on the 26th will be on the smaller version of the pro or RT 7-8 inch and it will tie into the Xbox.