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Buying from eBay...


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Just thought I'd update here about my ebay purchase of the Surface, I just checked by registering it and it's under warranty till March 2014. So, in my case, it was a good option and definitely worth the saving! :)


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What procedure do you take in order to register your tablet? I don't recall finding anything within the box, although I didn't really check...


Buying on Ebay?


I am looking to help my friend get a Surface. He does not mind getting one that is lightly used and would actually prefer it. Does anyone have any experience with buying one off of ebay? Do you all think this is a good or bad idea? Also, does anyone know if the warranty is easily transferable and if Microsoft Complete can be bought for a Surface that you purchased on ebay?



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RE: Buying on Ebay?

Hi, there's an existing thread about purchasing from eBay. You may want to check out the discussion there.
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If a used Surface is purchased on Ebay that has been registered to someone else, can that be transferred easily? Also, if the person purchased the tablet within 45 days, can Microsoft Complete be bought through the Microsoft store or would the seller have to include the receipt to do that?


I have noticed that it seems a lot of people sell their touch covers on ebay when they buy the 64gb and a type cover. Is there any downside to buying a touch cover on ebay? The product should still be registerable correct? It is not hard to pick up a black touch cover for less than $70 and I was thinking about doing so because I find the chances of one arriving in a nonworking condition highly unlikely, plus most people have high feedback ratings.

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