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eBay: Surface RT w/ Keyboard, $199 USD (Manufacturer Refurb)

I see some people in there trying to sell the RT version for $500-1000 on there...hahaha!
That's just retarded!

Those have been in there since RT came out. I can only imagine they are willing to ship to regions where its not officially available or something.

No one will pay those prices, REGARDLESS where they live or regions! they should adjust accordingly!! To me that just screams greedy!
Aww man to bad they don't ship to Canada or else I would've picked up a 64GB model!! For that price it's a really good deal
Yep, manufacturer refurbs can actually be pretty good. They give 'em a good going over. Maybe a nick or a scratch on the back (which you'd put on it in a week anyway).
I'm guessing most of these "refurbs" are unsold stock. The Paypal transaction shows up as "Liquidity Services", which I'm think is a company hired my MS to liquidate stock in preparation for the new Surface 2 line.
damn, the same seller had listed a 64gb version with touch cover for same $199. I was just about to buy it until I saw it ended. those things sold like hotcakes. now that's a firesale price. damn...I figured id get one cuz deal too good to pass up. even if I give it away. like they say, ya snooze ya lose..lol

I was so ready to hit that buy now button on ebay app. they sold around 5000 of them that quick. im sure a deal will pop up again like that. hopefully.