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eBay: Surface RT w/ Keyboard, $199 USD (Manufacturer Refurb)

I bought one as well, 32GB Microsoft Surface RT Tablet bundle with Black Touch Cover, $199, minus quadruple e-bucks, $16 - what a deal!
"Refurbished" stickers were easily removed, and the item did not show any previous handling.
I've been looking for my next computer for several months and thought the chromebook would be the ticket: liked the security feature, auto-updating, and cost. However, I just couln't get past the lack of MS Office.
Surface RT with touch cover created sticker shock . . . until an eBay alert got me to view this deal . . . and I jumped on it.
I could not be happier!!!
I bought one too... It arrived yesterday. This refurb is indistinguishable from new. After applying all 79 updates, this thing is sweet! I'm extremely impressed with the fact that I was able to simply connect my Blue Yeti microphone and it works. In contrast, I had to buy a powered USB hub and USB dongle in order to get it to work with my ipad4.

I'm also impressed with how responsive the touch cover is.
I didn't see any but I wouldn't cry yet. When the Surface 2's hit the RT will be even further reduced. Though for 199 with a touch cover, I would have gone for it too.
At $200 The Surface RT is a no brainer. If I could get one for $200 I would have one now, especially given the 8.1 changes I have seen lately.
oh man!! they have a nice 64GB for $249!!

Wow thanks for the heads up. I was literally about to purchase this for my woman for her bay this week. Its such a great deal. BUT that Asus T100 book comes out Oct. 18th. Its only $349. The keyboard comes with that device. Plus it will have new Bay Trail processor. Which is alto more powerful than tegra3 plus will have Intel integrated HD 4000 or better graphics. Which beats out tegra3 gpu by far. The battery life is the same on both devices. Great battery life. But the keyboard on Asus device beats out a touch or type cover. Let's not forget this is not an RT version. It will have full blown windows 8.1 and have the full home and student 2013 version of Office, one note, etc.. included. Preinstalled. Usb 3.0 also

I was so close to impulse purchasing this just now. Its a really good deal. But it can't compare to that new Asus book coming out. Its better all the way around except on design. As I feel Surface tablets have best design. Although that new Sony and Nokia tablet look very good. I think for my woman, the full blown windows 8 device would be better and the better value in long run.

I know she'd love this surface rt either way. But having full blown windows in a tablet form factor with keyboard including for only $349 can't be beat. From videos ice seen, the bay trail performs just fine with windows yet delivers superior battery life. Its no where near as powerful as my pro but more than good enough for her usage.

Now if they had a keyboard on that surface rt included at that price, I would've bite. But for tablet alone then factor in price or keyboard cover, you right at same price as new Asus T100. Except the Asus runs full windows 8.1

I can't lie though, im still thinking about it..lol where this particular rt shines is the storage space available. It comes with 64gb. That Asus $349 entry price is for 32gb SSD version. 64gb will likely be 400. Damn..lol decisions. I have chance to get one now at this cheap price and im indecisive. I know its gonna sell out fast again.

what do u think? b4 it sells oit amd immtoo late..lol
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I dunno man, that's a really good price, I don't wanna tell you to go for it and then you have buyers remorse! but it's 64GB for only 249$ TO ME, you can't loose...BUT you can loose on the deal! lol
I dunno man, that's a really good price, I don't wanna tell you to go for it and then you have buyers remorse! but it's 64GB for only 249$ TO ME, you can't loose...BUT you can loose on the deal! lol

True, plus I could always share my type cover with her until battery cover drops. Another option is I could always buy this and sell it for more..haha. I think im about to bite. I think this surface rt would do well. Can printers be hooked up to it and used also? I know anything needing a regular driver to be downloaded, that doesn't have rt equivalent, won't work. IM closer to biting on this.
AFAIK you can print on any printer that is on your homegroup! but as for plugging one in I dunno maybe try to google and see?