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CAD anyone?

Does anyone here user a Surface for any kind of CAD work? I know someone looking into purchasing a Surface who can't decide. He's leaning toward a MacBook. Basically the Surface does everything he needs. However, he does a lot of CAD engineering designs and is concerned there is no app for that on RT and that the Pro would not be a good choice. My simple thinking is the Pro would be superior given the pen and portability, but then I'm not familiar with the software side.


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What kind of CAD work?

CorelCAD is available for Desktop (and dozen others), RapidCAD, Back to the Drawing Board, iCircuit, Grapholite are available for Modern UI.

Wayne Orwig

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I've used Visual Cadd for many years. It is running fine on my Surface Pro. It actually works better with a mouse though.
I installed and played a little with my pc board layout package. It also works well.
I suspect you would have trouble finding programs optimized for the pen. But they still work well with a mouse.