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Camera does not turn on

John Giguere

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From being off when I press the power button or touch a key the laptop lights up and says "turning on camera", but the camera never turns on. The only way to sign on is to use a password. If I do a hard reset the computer will boot up correctly and the camera turns on.

It's hit and miss but it's happened several times today so it's now annoying.



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This is a known issue that started after the late February updates.

The best way to address it for now is to turn off fast boot in the Settings app.


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Here's a good thread with all the solutions to date.

Camera does not turn on during startup after update

Start with the easiest solution (remove Windows Hello and set it up again). Then try running the hardware troubleshooter in Windows control panel. That worked for me. Then you can try turning off fast startup (not fast boot). If that doesn't work, try removing the camera driver and then reinstalling it.


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Have the same issue, the only thing that fixed mine (and I tried everything else in that thread mentioned above) was disabling Fast Boot. It now works every time. Weird solution, hopefully we'll get an update soon to fix this properly.

It is a great feature when it works though!

John Giguere

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I'm not using hibernate so fast boot didn't apply. A lot of fixes seem to be out there but with mixed results, kind of odd. It's also a new experience for me to have purchased a laptop with a price tag of $3,000 and then to have to go to a forum to fix problems within 2 weeks of ownership. It's starting to bring back the feelings I've had in the past for Microsoft. After all these years you'd think they would get that products have to work before you sell them.