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Camera Hacked?

Rocky Presley

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Every time I place close my Surface Pro 2 and place it in my bag, when I get it back out, the camera is active. It heats up in my bag because it is on the entire time. Is there a malware associated with this?


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Don't know if this is even a/the answer, but do you use Skype or any other similar program on your Surface? Skype tends to stay open if not explicitly closed.


Theres a setting.....I had the same issue...let me go see if I can find it again

Ok go to Settings, Change PC Settings, Lock Screen....and down a ways in the middle of your screen you will see a section titled CAMERA

Swipe it to OFF

My SP3 was heating up bad until someone on here told me about it!
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i kinda had same issues with my SP1, so ya kinda know where you are comeing from. something about it getting swiped while in sleep. unless big brother hass found you... it's 1984 all over again


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You may want utilize hibernate instead of sleep -- in sleep it's fairly easy to wake up the system from various sources, but that's much harder to do when it's hibernating because the PWR button is the only thing that works in that.