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Surface Pro 2 will not sleep


Can someone please help me. I have a 2 month old Surface Pro 2 that worked fine out of the box and the screen would turn off after 5 minutes on battery and turn off after 20 minutes on power. Lately the screen never dims or turns off whether on battery or power. I rebooted several times but nothing is helping. I checked my power settings again, and they are on "balanced" with the default settings. I don't know what is going on, but I'm not happy with my Surface.

On top of all that, I went to MS store today about this creaking noise I get from handling the tablet near where the camera is placed. The Technician told me that all the Surface Pro 2's have the same creak around the camera area due to the glue being difficult to place in that area. She told me any exchange she would give me would have the same issue. So, I left the store feeling a little weird after hearing that every Surface Pro 2 has this issue, but now I'm more irritated that my system won't go to sleep anymore. It seems like this just started to happen.


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You are suffering from the latest update, I suspect. It'll be fixed either next Tuesday or the one after. Meanwhile, manually 'hibernate' your system. Sleep doesn't work.

You'd think they might have caught it in testing :-(

As for the creaking, I've had the same thing. Take it to a MSFT store and they should exchange it for you (they did for me). The new one probably would develop the same problem but I have been a little more careful in how I handle it.



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Sorry to hear about your issues. Have you tried exploring the advanced settings? (Change Plan Settings ---> Advance Settings or Restore Defaults).

I've heard others complain of the creaking around the camera, although I'm not experiencing it on mine.

Frankly, I'm having trouble sleeping too. But that's for an OT thread...


Not going to Sleep is a Window's issue, that one is not related to the broken firmware. You probably have a device set under it's power management tab that won't allow the SP2 to Sleep. As far as the "creaking", the technician is probably right. I noticed that the edge of the screen near the camera has give almost immediately. I assumed it was due to the camera and what you stated confirmed my suspicion.
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Thanks, all! I restored my power settings to default and rebooted. It seems to be working now, but I don't plan on putting my Surface in it's sleeve again without shutting it down first. I guess I can deal with creak as long as the glass doesn't separate. The tech told me if it does, I could slip a business card under the screen if it does separate. They told me never to store the unit in a sleeve with the lid closed because it can turn on and melt the glue.


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I'm having a similar problem. However if I put it to sleep it wakes itself up again (timing is not regular). It just did it in the slipcase in the briefcase and was a tad (understatement) warm. I noted above that this may be to do with a recent update (6th January seems to fit) soI'm hoping that they will sort it out on next regular update. If not it's back to the shop - I love it and it suits my needs perfectly but I don't need it to self-immolate!