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Can I use SP3 charger with SP6?


I have just bought an SP6 in the UK, even though most of my use is in continental Europe. The brand new charger plug has a sticker on it full of stern warnings about how the device must be earthed and the plug fused.

I don't want to carry the bulky UK plug, with adapter, around with me all the time My questions are:
  • can I simply plug in a European style cable into the charger, despite the warnings?;
  • can I just use my SP3 charger for the SP6?
The SP3 charger says its output is 2.58A at 12V, whilst the SP6 charger'output is labelled 2.58A at 15V.

Sorry for the elementary questions. I just don't want to risk harming my new baby...


I do , I have 3 SP3 chargers , I use one of them to charge SP6, perfect, maybe it’s not as fast as SP6 one , SP3 is 45w, SP6 one maybe 55w

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Somebody gets shocked using it in a bathtub and all of a sudden lawyers force you to put Stern warning stickers on everything. :eek:


Thanks for your replies, guys. Love it!

Just for the record - I went on Microsoft live chat for this and they were helpful (and efficient!). Basically they said that I should really only use the dedicated charger intended for each Surface Pro version - as you might expect. When pushed, though, they admitted that I could eventually use the SP3 charger for the SP6, but that it would be slower. They nevertheless maintained that I should definitely not use the SP6 charger on the SP3.

As for using a nice slim European 2-pin plug, when in Europe, in a UK-purchased SP6 charger - instead of the bulky UK thing - they said 'no problem'.

There you go. Chapter and verse...