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cannot get onto SURFACE from my PC


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I have a 64GB SURFACE, a Dell 8500 PC running Windows 8 and some other computers on a home network. I can access the other computers from the SURFACE but am unable to access the SURFACE from the other computers. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'll assume this is the Surface running Windows RT, so this is by design. RT can only act as a client not a server - meaning that the Surface can connect to other computer's resources but will not allow for peers to connect to it.

I use a Network Attached Storage Device on my Home Network for this very reason.
Thank you very much for this information Jeff. The Surface I have is called 64RT so I guess it is running Windows RT. I received it as a Christmas gift and am not into mobile devices at all.
I don't really have a reason for wanting to get into the Surface from my PC. I just thought I should be able to. Now I can stop worrying about it.