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Does SP3 come OOB with Hibernate enabled


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With all the various WiFi issues, and fixes, I've completely lost track. Does the SP3 come out of the box with hibernate enabled?

I initially enabled Hyper-V, changed the WiFI to Performance, and then disabled Hyper-V, but couldn't remember if that changed your sleep or hibernate settings at all.


Sleep , Shut down, Restart if I am not mistaken.

Don't remember having had to fiddle around with a device as much as this one in recent memory . That includes Win 7 systems, Win 8 systems, Android phones, tablets etc.

Hope one of these days soon they will refine this device so that it will work out of the box without any issue in all aspects. There is nothing like SP3 in the market plus the way they are supporting it at the moment(out of necessity of course) through their stores and online makes it the go to device when it comes to penabled Windows tablets.