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Capacitive Button not waking SP3


I have noticed recently that it takes two or three tries to wake the SP3 using the capacitive windows button. It vibrates every time I touch it, but it doesn't wake the screen until the second or third try. Has anyone else experienced this?


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I haven't noticed this particular behavior on my system, but have also read of a few others having this problem.

One thing to keep in mind is that Windows is an event-driven operating system, so when you interact with the computer, it triggers a response to your action. The software examines your trigger and then looks up what action or actions that need to be performed in response. I have noticed on numerous occasions that Windows doesn't always follow through on secondary actions if you get to pushing buttons for too short of a duration.

For example, sometimes if you click in a text box in a window, that window gets focus, so you know that the machine saw your mouse click or touch, but the cursor doesn't appear in the box. This can happen because of the machine's reaction time. By the time it finishes giving the Window focus, it may then call another routine that retrieves the actual position of the cursor when the button is clicked only to find that the button is no longer clicked, and thus the cursor doesn't get placed inside the text box.

I don't know if you've tried this or not, and it may or may not help, but when you touch the capacitive start button, try to let your finger linger on it a bit longer and see if that helps the situation.


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I've noticed this too recently with the last couple updates. Maybe a good thing for those that are accidentally triggering the button while inking. Not good for anyone else though.


Think not waking of the first touch is so you don't accidentally wake it. I just end up using the power button to turn on. Is the most consistent.
One thing to note is that if you have sticky keys turned on, the capacitive windows button will take two presses to register in most cases. This annoyed me, so I turned off sticky keys, and the button works normal again.


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My SP2 doesn't wake with the capacitive button unless it's only been asleep for a few minutes. When it gets to deeper sleep, you have to use the keyboard or power button. Even deeper sleep and it's power button only.

It's by design as far as I can tell.

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