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CDPUserSvc_93ade service?


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Hi there!

After the recent Windows 10 update, I noticed all of a sudden an addition of a new service, named: CDPUserSvc_93ade. Can someone tell me what it does? The description says <Failed to Read Decription. Error Code: 15100> .
The service is by default set to Automatic, and started. I am able to stop the service, but not able to disable it, or to change it to manual...

So I notice this service, is part of a group of services:
  • Contact Data (manual start, PimIndexMaintenanceSvc, PimIndexMaintenance.dll)
  • Sync Host (auto start, OneSyncSvc, APHostService.dll)
  • User Data Storage (manual start, UnistoreSvc, unistore.dll)
  • User Data Access (manual start, UserDataSvc, userdataservice.dll)
Can someone tell me if I really need this, and if not, how to disable them, if I can't disable them via services administration panel?

Thanks for your help in advance!
Kind regards,
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