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Charging a UK Surface in the EU


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I've seen other people suggest using a plug adaptor which I know will work and have used before but I wonder if its possible to buy a charger with a European plug that that will work. I travel a lot in the EU for work and the plug sockets are often in such a position that a plug in an adapter won't fit (i.e the adapter needs to go in upside down and is attached to a table without enough space for the larger UK plug). Given the charging cable is in two pieces (the Uk plug and a cable that goes into the transformer, and the transformer, wire and the actual magnetic charging attachment is it possible to buy the plug bit with a European plug ?

Thanks a lot.


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There's plenty on eBay for just a few quid... so could always just give it a go. Genuine ones seem to be in the region of £20-25 though :(