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charging the Surface

Arizona Willie

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I have struggled with the teeny tiny little plug used to charge the Surface.
My big fingers make it hard to hold onto that tiny little thing and get it in the right position.

This morning I discovered that it works really well to hold onto the cord instead of the plug.
I grab the cord about 3 inches behind the plug and hold the plug over the magic hole and WHAM the magnets pull it into place just fine. :)
Yeah, I dont see how some people are having issues connecting the charger. From time to time, I have to set it jus right to get it to take, but not really a big deal to me. Everyone is different I guess.
Well, I can understand having trouble with the charger, simply because it is so small and the hole it goes in is also tiny and someone with big hands / fingers can have trouble holding the tiny plug. Not only because it is so small but when holding it in my fingers, my hand gets in the way of seeing the spot I'm trying to put it.

But holding the cord a few inches behind the power head works just fine. But I do also turn it on it's side so the right side with the magic magnetic grabber ( technical term ) is easy to see.
I found your solution to be the best so far. I hold the chord and the plug clicks right in. It only takes me one shot, and sometimes I can even do it without looking. The key is to holding the chord with the plug aligned and ready to just go, I find the plug is always kind of twisting away.
Yes, thanks for the excellent tip.

It works much better than holding the connector itself.

Good job!