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Chrome - swipe left/right to go forward/backward


I know Chrome gets a lot of criticism here and elsewhere, but for many of us, it works fine, and provides some benefits.

Anyway, perhaps everybody but me was aware of this, but I just discovered that I can swipe the screen to the right to go 'backward' to the previous page, or swipe left to go 'forward.' Since the forward/backward icons are fairly small, this is a lot easier to do.

For what it's worth.

Daniel Steinert

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I really love that the IE App gives me also this opportunity. However, I don't understand why the IE Browser don't support this. It's so sad that they don't afford the same features for the same browsers.


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Your comment was not specifically hardware or Surface 3 related so it ends up as a comment on Chrome, an app.


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Now if only they could also implement swiped tab switching like they have on android (although imo they ruined it by changing it to only working when you swiped the address/tab bar compared to anywhere on the screen)