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Complete new installation Windows 11


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I just bought a used Surface Pro 7 on eBay and everything looks very good. However, I would like to have a completely new Windows 11 installation because I am a little skeptical with pre-installed software when I buy something on eBay.

Two years ago, I bought a Surface Pro 5 on eBay and I wanted to do the same. For the Surface Pro 5, I downloaded the Windows 10 installation files for an installation from a USB stick, booted from USB, deleted the current partition on the device, created a new one and installed Windows 10. No product key was required because it is saved in the BIOS. It was very simple on the Surface Pro 5 with Windows 10.

Now, my question is: Can I do the same thing with my new (used) Surface Pro 7 and Windows 11? I think it should work, but wanted to make sure I didn't miss something, especially regarding Windows 11.

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Wise decision to do a clean installation on purchases such as these.

This should work the same way, but the difference will be that the product key for Windows 11 would not be saved in the BIOS. I would give it a try. The worst that can happen is that you must install a clean Windows 10 first, then step up to 11.


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Thanks for your fast reply, that sound good!

So if I have to install Windows 10, an upgrade to Windows 11 will again (as on this device is currently Windows 11 running, so the upgrade was already done) be possible? An error like "An upgrade was only possible until xx.xx.2021" or "The update can be done only once" etc. can not occur?

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