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Solved cortana not working


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hey gang, i have an SP4 (i5 / 8gb / 256gb). this morning windows auto-installed some updates, and i think now cortana isn't working. if i remember correctly, clicking-and-holding the pen eraser button would open a search box, and it would convert voice to text. it no longer does that. did i break something? did an update break something? am i mis-remembering? please help.

thanks in advance.


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oops, sorry about posting in the wrong forum.

originally she did, then today after updates she didnt. checked the mic, was working fine.

i *might* have figured out the issue: seems like the windows updates reset cortana's settings or added new ones. setting stuff up again, one option required me to grant cortana/microsoft permission to look through my texts or something along those lines. flipping that switch got everything back to normal. (my 'big brother is listening' spidey sense tingled as i toggled that option, but at least the issue is resolved.)