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Couple of issues with my Surface Pro on two screens...


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First screen I'm referring to is the Surface screen, and the second is a 20" Samsung external monitor.

I use Modern UI on the Surface, and Desktop on the Samsung. Now, I'd sometimes like to leave my Surface showing the Smart Screen, as obviously the 'glance' factor of it is a big part of Windows 8. However, if you leave the Smart Screen on, and click anywhere on the Desktop (on the Samsung) the Surface automatically jumps to the Desktop as well. Very frustrating! The Surface will only stay put, if you're actually running an app at the time. Know any way to stop this from happening?

Okay and the other issue is on the same kinda line. Most of the time, I'm running Messaging on the Surface... waiting for something to appear lol, whilst I'm browsing on the Samsung. Now I'm sure you're aware that if you're not in Messaging, and you get someone talking to you, the little rectangle will appear in the top right of the screen showing you what they said. What I'd love, is for that to show on the Samsung, thus prompting me to look down and reply on the Surface. Is there any way to get this working? I've noticed other information such as apps completing installation from the Store, appearing on the Samsung so there's gotta be a way surely


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The Toast Notification shows only on the Primary. I'll check with 8.1, but i don't have high hope.

I don't know about "Smart Screen" though.


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How about a few more details.... How do you have the monitor set up- Sammy- dup the DT, extend the DT or DT just on mon2...etc. With the messaging try opening it on the sammy mon first the drag it and park it to the SP and it should still show the notifications on Sammy. That said it depends on the setting you have from my first question... I have SP and 2 ext monitors and have had this exact quest myself and got it to work- but i am curious if your mon setting are the same. Also are you on 8.0 or 8.1....


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I've decided just to stick with Windows 8 for the time being. I had some issues with the Surface being my primary, so I set the Samsung as the primary. I cannot 'drag' the Messaging to the Surface as I'm running the Modern UI app, which I believe cannot be dragged? I mean, I guess I could just use Skype (Desktop version) but that kinda defeats the object of what I'm trying to do... plus I definitely won't get notifications then.

I'm running extended desktop btw, like I said Modern UI on Surface, and Desktop on Samsung. Arnold, thanks for notifying me of 'Toast Notification' I never knew it was called that!

One more question whilst I'm here... I take it you can't run Modern UI apps on two different monitors (whilst extended) I've already Google'd this, but thought I'd check in with you guys.

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