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Current owners screen resolution


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I had purchased a SP3 I7 last year and honestly loved the idea but had a few issues. I was wondering what your thoughts about these are on the SP4:

1. I found the resolution to be way too high for the screen size. Adjusting it to lower resolution caused app issues.
2. Lack of Metro supported apps was just terrible.
3. Apps like Outlook 365 did not support the larger fonts from a lower screen resolution thus being fuzzy.
4. The fan would go nuts all the time. I believe this has been addressed.

Thanks for your thoughts. I just don't want buy one and return it again.


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Windows 10 has addressed these issues rather well.
Me thinks you would like your SP3 with Windows 10 (I d0), or on the Surface Pro 4.


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Is it not advisable to alter the screen scaling rather than the resolution? I have mine set to 150% which still makes many things usable without sacrificing screen space.

With the exception of one or two apps (iTunes is the one that comes to mind) everything remains sharp, especially text.