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Custom Fan to Reduce Throttling


The problem with a heatsink is that the thermal transfer will never be adequate enough unless you use a thermal compound which would make using it a little inconvenient. But don't let me talk you out of it, see what you can do.
ToothPaste :D

btw: here are two tests i made.

The first one is totally normal.

and the 2nd one is with the bigges heathsink you can imagine xD a huge Granite block.


Nekroing this Thread here for my benefits :)

So i've got this fan from China and did a few tests.

It may look hillarious but for testing it works xD


made some stress test's with Prime95 and Furmark.

The first graph is fully stock (with an aluminum cover foil from iCarbon)
Throttling Stock Prime95 Max current 45°C Backside.png
In this graph you can clearly see the Thermal Limit and 90°C CPU temp. After that the Power Limit kicks in and the CPU clock goes down to 1.3ghz, ends up on 1.6ghz after 10 mins.
The back of the case got 45°C hot (Laser thermometer 4tw)

The 2nd Graph was made after i attached the Fan (as seen in the picture above)
Throttling extra FAN Prime95 Max current 37°C Backside.png
i did NOT stop Prime95 in this process, i simply added the fan, you can see the power limit droppping and the power limit rising! CPU clock jumps up to 2.2ghz and 90°C CPU temp. instead of 8w the cores now use 13W ! Back of the case dropped to 37°C Temperature.

After this i tought it would be funny to run FurMark an prime95 together^^
Throttling extra FAN Prime95 Max current 37°C Backside.png
Well yeah, wasn't funny..... Prime95 has low CPU priority. CPU freq dropped to 1.1ghz and Power Limit Throttling is back :( Backside temp dropped again to 34°C

So close Prime95 and do Furmark Only!
Throttling extra FAN Furmark Max current 34°C Backside.png
Thermal Throttling is back, GPU clock is about 900mhz jumping up and down around the 90°C ^^ and the GPU draws 11W. Backside stays on 34°C

How much Performance does that make?
Well i also ran 3D Mark Sky Diver Benchmarks!
at first i tried with CLoud Gate, but sadly that benchmark could not get my surface hot enough in one Benchmark...

i ran 3 Cloud Gate Benchmarks and the Score dropped from 4521 to 4497 to 4273 therefore i switched to Sky Diver Benchmark Even tough Frames are horribly low.
All Benchmarks are made on Battery Mode with Maximum Screen Brightness!

On a Normal Stock Surface Pro 3 (with iCarbon Aluminum foil cover!) i made 3 runs to get a score of:
1854 | 1780 | 1761

and here the graphs for the last run:
3d Mark Skydiver Stock.png

With the additional Fan (which makes about same the noise as stock fan on maximum power) i got:
2476 | 2549 | 2499 | 2553

And just look at this beautiful graph! The GPU is giving it's all and can now use 11W instead of 5W!
3d Mark Skydiver+Fan.png

because i was really curious i also applied my undervolted Profile which is:
CPU -50mV
Cache -120mV
GPU -70mV
And whow.. that sure gave a performance boost! Especially with the extra cooling you can see a nice boost from undervolting!
2766 | 2772 | 2765 | 2766

Graph here:
3d Mark Skydiver+Fan+UV.png

If you take a close look at the detailed score you can see that Undervolting bring mainly benefits in the GPU, because thanks to a colder CPU and GPU it can clock higher.

3d Mark Skydiver+Fan+UV-score.png

That's it with testing from my side.
I'll make some new tests (mainly Furmark i'll think) when the other fan's arrive. (i've ordered about 5 pieces for 15$ from aliExpres xD )
The subject about Fan noise and Powerdrain will also be included then.


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For those of you who are using the Arctic Breeze USB fan, how do you adjust the position? I purchased one and it seems to do the job as long as you keep it blowing air on the hot area, but, how did you managed to adjust it to stay in the correct position? I can't....