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Customer Service Issue


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I encountered the keyboard issue and followed the support sites instructions and sent the Surface, keyboard and power block in for service (yes it asked for all that). I got the Surface back but no keyboard or power supply. I have spent a bunch of time on the phone trying to have this resolved. Microsoft or the outsourcer, said they have sent this claim in for investigation. I was promised follow up within 48 hours - I literally begged them to please make sure that that this happens (having been pushed into other black hole processes before). I was given assurance that this was personally being monitored and this would treated as a priority at the highest levels. I guess Steve Ballmer is involved. That is the highest level.

That was four days ago and so far - nothing. Nada. Zip.

Anybody else having these problems?

I am debating if I should just buy another keyboard and power supply as I am absolutely powerless in this situation. I dread having to spend a few hours on the phone convincing them that this actually happened (again) and then being put into the next process.
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