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Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4 - Power Issues


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I'm currently running my SP4 with the SP3 dock and in general, I like the combination a great deal. I've used a lot of docks with various hardware and the SP3 dock is super easy to use. One thing I have noticed; however, is that the power supply that came with the dock is only a 45w power supply and the power supply that comes with the SP4 is a 65w power supply. This isn't typically a problem unless I'm doing something that really kicks up the fans on my SP4. When that happens, I noticed that my SP4 is in a constant state of charging with the charge percentage slowly declining over time.

For example, if I'm playing a game and I play for a few hours, I'll notice after a couple of hours that my battery is down to 80% even though my SP4 has been in the dock charging the entire time.

Does anyone know if it's possible to find a 65w power supply for the SP3 dock? It uses an AC adapter connection, so it isn't possible to use the 65W SP4 power supply with it.


Ive noticed that on my older SP2. sometimes the games I play take more juice than the charger can charge. I myself would just deal with it. I think plugging an over powered power supply into something is a bad idea.


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Totally understood. Just wondering whether the SP3 Dock will handle a charge from the 65W charger and then whether there is some way to get it that charge since the connectors are so different.


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Since charge-limiting circuitry is part of the dock, I would not recommend any modification.