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[Deal Alert] Amazing $169.99 Price on 32GB Microsoft Surface RT Tablet on eBay


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On eBay there is currently an incredible deal on the original Microsoft Surface RT 32GB Tablet. You can pick it up at the link below for just $169.99. That's $130 bucks off the original $299.99 price. These are Manufacturer Certified Refurbished Surface RT tablets with a full one year warranty. The shipper even includes a 30-day return policy (be sure to check out the details at the source link), and free standard shipping!

Here's the link: Windows Surface Tablet with 32GB Memory 10 6" Surface 32GB 0885370528411 | eBay


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Saw this earlier on Techbargains. This is absolutely a fantastic price. I wish they were this price before xmas, I would have bought 2 for family members.


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'I purchased the 64gb ($249) from this seller and I am very pleased with everything. Fast shipping, prompt clarification on product question, shipped properly... both the keyboard and surface came in OEM packaging.




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Although I have a Surface 2 Pro, if I were in the market for something cheaper, I would snag one of these for $200. Cheaper than a Nexus 7, iPad Mini, and with full office and a full web browser.

Have they rooted 8.1 RT yet? That would make the deal even sweeter.