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Defective Battery in 1st Gen i7/16GB/512GB W/dGPU


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Howdy folks,

Just thought I'd share a bit about what went on with my SB recently. I use my SB as my main rig and I'm a traveling IT consultant so I'm always on the go with it...but occasionally I get a gig where I can camp at home for a period of time. Anyway, recently and just out of the blue I started noticing that my SB would no longer close correctly. It lust wouldn't stay shut. Then, I began to notice that the clipboard appeared to be bending and then, even worse, I began to get the dreaded yellow areas on the screen under use. These areas appeared to get worse under heavy loads. I bought this SB right when they were released and nope...I didn't get complete with it. Not knowing exactly what to do, I made an appointment with one of the local MS stores to see if I had any recourse...fully expecting to be told "sorry. But we'd love to sell you a new surface book!" Anyway, after bringing it in, it was determined that the SB battery was swelling inside of the clipboard and they replaced my SB with an identical 2GB dGPU version from the store! I gladly ponied up the $249 for MS Complete this time of course.

So, just a public service announcement... If you're having your screen begin to bow, show discoloration and like me, you know how well you've cared for your SB...then you've likely got a defective battery and you should try your luck at a store if you have one near you.

With all the flying I do...I'm just glad it didn't go Boom while I was on a plane or at an airport!