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Delete a user account


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I was testing some features and I created another User Account. I was just testing and don't need the account but can't see the way to delete a user account. How?

Also, is there a way to change the Admin account name? I typed mike and I really would like it to say Mike. Kind of anal but is there a way to rename the first account (Admin account)?


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Hi Mike,

to rename an account:

go to desktop. (If you happen to have a mouse attached to your surface use it - it will be easier to hit the menu items.)

Open explorer
click on computer - left panel
Click on manage - top panel

new window will pop up
click on "local user and groups" - left panel (the "wording" could be a bit different here, because I am on a German language Surface.)
double click on user - middle panel
right click on mike and click rename
enter Mike
you are done

to delete an account
use the same way but instead of rename click on delete

Hope this helps.



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Yes, that works but there is something else that needs to be tweaked. I reset my computer to default settings and it's now displaying my email instead of my name. How do I make it display the name instead of email?


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Did you try to rename it as described?

Otherwise I don't know what else to do. Sorry.

Yes, I renamed it, from mike to Mike, but what is displayed on the Start screen is my email address. It used to say, mike. After my reset, it says my email address. I would think there should be a way to change what is displayed but I can't find it.


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try to add a new Mike account, make it a member of the admins and log on with Mike.
Then delete the account with the e-mail.

Or could you post a screenshot of what you see when you see all accounts?

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