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Desktop not working after 8.1


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I installed 8.1 last night, seemed fine.
This am, the entire Desktop is not responding; start button does not show up, no applications will load properly, and IE freezes on startup with an infinite number of open windows.
Rebooting does not help
Do I try a refresh?
Does the start screen still work? Does this just happen when you launch the desktop "app"? Are you trying to boot directly to the desktop?
Spoke with MS support. I wound up doing a refresh of my Surface. I don't mind losing installed programs because I will be selling this device next week after I get my new SP2. Interestingly, after the refresh, Windows reverted back to 8.0!!!
Glad you got it sorted out. Interesting about the refresh going back to 8.0. I suspected that would be the case but didn't want to try it myself. I guess this means that any problems in future mean a several hour recovery as we start at 8 and then have to do the upgrades.