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Cool things you've found in Windows 8.1


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There's several threads out there relating to the new preview release of 8.1, but each seems to be focused on certain things - installation, mail, etc.
This can be a place where we post neat stuff we've found.

So far...
1. Media on my SD card works in the Libraries - the apps see the files as expected. No workarounds, no mounting SD to a folder. I have a Music, Video, and Pictures folder on my SD card that is mounted as the D Drive. I mapped those folders to their respective libraries. I did have random times when I couldn't find the Libraries in Explorer, but going to Desktop in Explorer makes it available.
2. Music is MUCH better! THANK YOU! Opens faster on RT and less lag in general. This was the only app that ever made my RT lag noticeably.
3. Auto opening content to 50/50 view is GREAT! I was in the People app, clicked a Facebook post that needed to open a browser - it opened side-by-side in IE instead of going full screen on top. Nice touch. The 50/50 view in general is a great thing.
4. The Photos app loads thumbnails faster and fits more on the screen. The old way was more flashy and looked cool, but this is more functional.

As for negatives, the old mail app is a mess - cant get my accounts to connect. The IE seems to have some issues with not being recognized or handling content on pages properly.


I love that you can add more tile rows without a registry hack. It's really nice because you don't lose the full screen keyboard when you go up to 6 tile rows!


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Alarm Clock

I've been trying to find a decent calculator app since Windows 8 first came out. Not sure why that is so hard.


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Ok, the 800 lb gorilla in the room - IE 11 Modern UI now has Favorites Folders. That being said and as awesome as it is, every time the I select a favorite the bar minimizes and I then have to hit the star button again to see favorites again. Would be nice if favorites were still visible when I swipe up again later.


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quicker way to access....Bluetooth toggle......... From all apps pin the settings tile to the start screen. from the start screen tap settings tile and Bluetooth toggle is option in the middle EDIT: I did notice on my other tablet that Bluetooth wont show up here until you have toggled it on and off at least once in the normal settings place. after you toggle it once than you can use the short cut above
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You have an option of changing the tile picture when pinning internet shortcut tiles to the start screen. When you have a web page open you want to pin, swipe down from the top of the page, tap the star for favorite, than tap the pin icon this will bring up the option of pin to start screen, before you ok that, hit the arrow next to the tile for some diff tile options,


Offline SkyDrive! Hooray. Just need to be able to move it to SD card (fairly sure that'll be the usual registry tweak) and I'll be a happy man.
Now SanDisk, where are those 128GB microSD cards?