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desktop updates


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my surface is set for automatic updates - do these automatic updates include the desktop update or does this have to be done separately? any help and thanks in advance


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The automatic updates update windows firmware, Word Preveiw to to full version and other window updates. If there set to update automatically they will update themselves and may occasionally need a system restart for some updates. These settings can be changed in control panel > system and security > windows updates. The Store updates can be accessed for within the store itself.


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There are two ways to get to Windows Update:
1) RT version - Charms Bar > Settings > Change PC settings > Windows Update
2) Desktop version - Charms Bar > Search > Control Panel > Windows Update
(It's not a bad idea to pin Control Panel to your Start screen)


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I don't think Office 2013 preview will update to the full version unless you do it manually. Not certain on that though.