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I just wanted to express my disappointment in case Microsoft is listening. Maybe they will check this forum for ideas on future devices.

(1) no GPS! I can see the surface being used by a passenger in the car for map, finding sores or food, or generally exploring. I can connect Wifi through my phone to the net for downloads, but with no GPS this would have limited benefit. How much does a GPS sensor cost anyway?

(2) Proprietary HDMI connector. There are HDMI standards out there already, yet Microsoft choose to create yet another connection mechanism and then charge $40.00 for a cable.

(3) Non standard power supply. Maybe this is necessary, but $40.00 for an extra power supply is a little high. Guess Microsoft is taking lessons from Apple.

(4) Then what? OK, suppose i bu this. I saw somewhere that I can only download from the Microsoft store. Well what's on the Microsoft store? Does it have free K-9 email, like I like to use? How about Evernote? Audible? MP3 players? Gasbuddy (no GPS makes this less useful), Angry Birds? Weather Underground or other weather programs? Security Products? What's available? How much will these programs cost?

I want to look at the store before I buy. Where is the store?


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I agree, there are ways around the GPS issue but not being first party kind of sucks. Might have to do both with cost and the magnesium case blocking reception. Proprietary stantards also suck but they are also very common with many manufacturers choosing to go with them at various times. Of course Apple is the leader in this as you stated. Everybody also wants to emulate that and have the possibility of a tightly controlled accessory ecosystem. Unlike Apple if usually back fires on most though.

You can get an idea of the app here Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States). Of course expect them to come fast and furious as Windows 8 launches in general since the store will serve Windows 8, Windows RT and WP after they all launch.


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I think the reason is that the surface doesn't have 3G Connection built in. Usually, GPS is not handled by a special chip but by the 3G chip inside a device.
If you look at the iPad, for instance, all the Wifi models don't have GPS, while the 3G connected model do.


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But there are many tablets (Android) that have GPS and no cell chip, so it is entirely possible.


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you can see what's on the windows marketplace if you install the RTM build of windows 8 on your desktop.

Evernote is already there, as are some nice weather programs. I'm sure there are some MP3 players built in, but the bundled music app is top notch so I don't see why you wouldn't want to use it. Angry Birds and Angry Birds space will be available at launch. Security products aren't necessary as Microsoft security essentials comes preinstalled (its built into windows 8 and RT as something called windows defender).

Not sure what K-9 email is, but the bundled mail app works very well and should support most mail accounts.

Programs can either be free, or cost anything from $1.50 on up. Games like angry birds will likely be priced at $1.50, but for the most part the price is going to depend on the app.


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We'll see Friday whether or not it's Micro-HDMI, it looks identical..

As for the Power adapter, Microsoft doesn't want people to think this thing is just a tablet like an iPad, where you tether yourself to a computer to get work done. This thing is a full fledged computer, and last time I checked, every single laptop comes with a special power adapter. If they included microUSB to charge people might want to plug surface into their desktop and wonder why they can't sync. It's not an appliance, it's a computer.