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do i need a surface


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so I am a fulltime mac user but I really like what Microsoft has done with the Surface. i have to admit I have been sucked in by their marketing. I am constantly reading about the surface and it looks like a great machine. I am just trying to decide if I could benefit with having a Surface. I do freelance photography on the side and I am wondering if this would be a handy tool for me to have on location. We have ipads in the house but my 4 kids have took them over so maybe this could be a tablet of my own.
Well, being this is the Surface Forums, the answer is of course! Welcome. On a more serious note it depends on what you want to do. You will find the apps lacking compared to the Apple's selection but rapid expansion is underway.

The bottom line is the Surface is the closest tablet to a laptop you can get and that can be wonderful if you need a laptop. It is also great as a tablet if that is all you need. The best way to really see how good it is, is to get your hands on one for a few minutes at an MS store, Best Buy or Staples. Chances are you won't put it down.

There is a lot of info on this site so read around and I'm sure you will be impressed considering the main stream media is not reflecting what users here are experiencing (a great device!).

Welcome! If you're a photog, sounds to me like you may be a candidate for the Pro. It debuts in Jan. The Pro ruins full blown windows 8, where the Surface runs a stripped down version called RT. Regular surface does not run any form of Photoshop. Other than that fact, there are pros and cons to each.
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Install Fotor, and you're ready to go. I love that it reads raw files. If I have the money, I will finance those guys who made it, for a few more features.
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thank you so much everyone. i have a mac laptop that i use all the time but I am looking for something even more portable. there are shoots i go on where i need to travel light so i was seeing if there were other options. the last week i have been looking at a bunch of PC options which i never thought i would again. windows 8 and the surface really have peaked my interest in non MAC computers. once again thanks for the information this forum is great
The surface is a great product, and as others have said here, it's got a lot of 'computer like' functionality. As someone who does a lot of work with photography, you're going to want software that's going to help you work with those pictures. With a Surface RT, you've got your USB port - so getting your photos on to the screen to see what you've got is easy. When it comes to software to work with those pictures, well, with Surface RT you're limited to what's available in the app store, and admittedly, the selection isn't great yet (it's growing every day however).

If you want full blown desktop software, then wait a few weeks more for the Surface Pro - that way you'll have the option to install any software you want, including Photoshop etc. You'll also get a higher resolution display, and the USB port will be USB 3. All of this might be more appealing to you as a photographer, and the form factor is only slightly thicker and heavier than the Surface RT. Beware though, Microsoft have warned the battery life won't be anywhere near that of the Surface RT.

Alternatively, whilst we here at the Surface-Forums obviously are pro-Surface, I'm sure we're all fairly pragmatic too (I'd like to think!) so don't be shy about looking at some of the other vendors Windows 8 Tablet offerings. One of the reasons why the Surface Pro has such poor battery life compared to RT, is that it's using an Intel i5, which is not really optimised for a tablet. Some of the other Windows 8 Tablets from other vendors featuring Intel's latest 'Clover Trail' Atom CPU offer ARM-like power efficiency, but with full software compatibility still available.

Shop around, and now that Surface's are available in stores (not sure where you live, but in the US, Staples and Best Buy, in the UK, John Lewis), you might want to try before you buy :)
Alway happy to convert an Apple fan. I ditched my iPad for the Surface and have never looked back. Actually I have found very little I don't like about the Surface. Easy for me to say because I don't have a houseful of iPads to contend with, but my personal feeling is the iPad is a nice device to look at stuff, while the Surface has more capability to create. Good luck on making your decision, but certainly try a Surface before you make up your mind.
Aw: do i need a surface

give it a try. The surface is a great device. Forget all the bad reviews. Dont be surprised if the surface suprises you. I have an iPad too, but since i bought the surface i have not touched the iPad anymore. I may even sell my iPad.