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Do you use a case for your Surface Pro 1/2?


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I've been looking at cases for the Surface pro 2 I'm planning to buy however, it seems it's not a simple process. Some cases block the kickstand and others stop you from using any keyboard attachments. I'm assuming a lot of people use this device like a laptop and so don't really care about general wear and tear. Do you use a case? And to add to that do you use a screen protector?


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I'm on the fence about it. I've never managed to get a screen protector on a screen bigger than 5" as there's ALWAYS dust under it when I've applied it. I gave up trying on my old iPad, but its over a year old now and doesn't seem to have any scratches.


Nope, but I rarely use a case for any of my devices, phone or other wise. The only one I've ever used is on my Wife's iPad because our son plays with it and drops it like it's one of his cars.


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I use a neoprene sleeve that I picked up for 10$ and no screen saver. got the sleeve when I notices it was picking up a lot of tiny scratched on the back when in my bag


I have a padded canvas shoulder slip case for carrying my Surface Pro out and about but don't use screen protector. Jim


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Yes..this one...moko rotary case. Love it and comes with lifetime warranty. Good price also

Amazon.com: MoKo Rotatory Detachable Type / Touch Keyboard Cover Companion Sleeve Case for Microsoft Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2 10.6" Inch Windows 8 Tablet, BLACK: Computers & Accessories

Works well with type keyboard cover attached also

I highly recommend this screen protector also. So good and clear you'll forget its even up there. Lifetime replacement warranty on this also. Tech Amour HD Clear screen protector

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Wow that looks kinda cool! Not seen that before... keep an eye on eBay, as that's where I got my US-only case from (brand new)


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I was thinking of getting that incipioo one also. Has a cool look to it. Kind of pricey for minimum versatility but I love how it looks.
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