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Do you use a case for your Surface Pro 1/2?


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I've been looking at cases for the Surface pro 2 I'm planning to buy however, it seems it's not a simple process. Some cases block the kickstand and others stop you from using any keyboard attachments. I'm assuming a lot of people use this device like a laptop and so don't really care about general wear and tear. Do you use a case? And to add to that do you use a screen protector?

I use this case:

Amazon.com : MoKo Slim-fit Case for Microsoft Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2 10.6" Inch Windows 8 Tablet (Fits with or without Type / Touch Keyboard Cover), MAGENTA : Touch Screen Tablet Computer Cases : Computers & Accessories

And no screen protector because why would anyone cover a glass display? It's unnecessary and destroys the feel of the pen on glass. I bought the damned thing for the pen, FFS, I'm not going to compromise on the feel of that.