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do you use your surface as main pc?


listen, from the vids I have seen it plays quite nice and maybe the FPS might drop to 30, it's still smooth and enjoyable. Some people don't mind that, and what they want is the ability to game portably...

No online. Requirements for camping are not the same that online. Probably surface can't be stable moving 64 players map with more than 20 fps. And if anybody want to be competitive, avoid 30 fps. 30 fps is a lagging game experience. For eyes can't detect lag in games is needed more or less 50 fps.

Surface is not for playing and this is a evidence, it only hace a Intel 4400 and this is not a good graphic card in general, less for playing.

And if I want to render something in after effects or cinema 4D... Better I should wait sat.

Buying a surface for playing is like buying a macbook for playing... Bad idea.

If I want to play I use my desktop, 3770k and 670 in a monitor of 27'.

If anybody searched great portable gameplay, better use mountain, msi or Alienware gaming laptop.

Surface con be used for simple Games. Like LOL, or so but playing with 30 lagged fps...


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Gah, PC gamers really annoy me sometimes. It's all about the specs huh? To me, this doesn't matter at all. But then again I gave up PC gaming for PlayStation's, which probably annoys you equally. I think for 95% of people, the Surface Pro acts as a fine gaming machine. For the remaining 5% such as yourself Dahnark, I agree something liek the Razer Blade maybe be a better option...

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