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Do you use screen protectors?


I recently invested in the Ghost Armor Matte full body to protect my Surface Pro 3. I don't like putting it down on the type cover side all the time as it just collects bits of whatever was on the meeting room table I am at (crumbs especially) so little plastic on the back will keep it protected for quite some time from all the dragging.

The office that I am in has bad lighting (or really bright lighting) and the glare on the screen makes my surface unusable at times without me tilting it (with that wonderful kick-stand). The Matte cover on the front and back. it does affect the clarity of the screen; but I made the sacrifice (as most LCD screen manufacturers do) for reduced glare over crystal picture. It probably looks no different than a glossy compared to a matte laptop screen. The matte also helps with smudges as you really cannot see them.

I do like the idea of a protector on the screen as I have a steel ring on my writing pinky finger that I constantly was in fear of scratching my gorgeous display.

As for the pen. I did some OneNote testing and found that there is a little more resistance; but I think it's better. feels a little more natural.

Purchase and installation was expensive for the full armor. The kiosk at the local mall did the installation and there were many micro-bubbles; but after 24hrs they were ALL gone and I was amazed after that. overall very happy with it.

lets see about how long I like writing with it or if it wears down the pen nib any.

Deryl McCarty

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In the wild (offices mostly) just the type cover. I used those sticky or clingly screen protectors on some of the original IPAQ Windows CE phones, but not since. I just wasn't impressed and some that were matte or polarized for privacy just meant that I had to use more battery to make the screen brighter so that the contrast for my old eyes allowed me to read more easily. Even my 1520 is plain.