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Surface Pro 3 Official MS Screen Protector


Just picked one up at the MS store in Vancouver - said it's the first one they've sold and that it only just came in. Really impressed with it so far - made of tempered glass - feels incredibly premium, and when on the device it literally feels just like you're touching the actual screen. Also comes with a really nice MS branded cleaning cloth. You really have to see it in action to appreciate it though, I've never seen a screen protector of such high quality. It also has small cut-outs in the bottom ensuring the magnet type cover isn't affected (kind of annoying as I have the power cover though).

Also, while it's decently thick, it doesn't seem to affect touch, and don't notice any difference when using the pen on it, which is the only thing I was worried about.

They install it for you if you want - installed mine perfectly, no dust or anything - and said if anything shows up or it slides around at all after my SP3 has spent a few days in the folio they'll replace it (don't see that happening though, this thing ain't coming off).

Don't have my phone on me so can just take a pic with the SP3 of the box.

One negative though...

It costs $50. Personally I think it's well worth it, but you'll have to decide for yourself as it's pretty much the price of a premium case :p
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This looks interesting. I can't seem to find it online here in the US. Is anyone else seeing these for sale?


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I had just found it and was going to post, but annabanana beat me to it. :) To the OP, does it offer any glare reduction?


I had just found it and was going to post, but annabanana beat me to it. :) To the OP, does it offer any glare reduction?

Hmm, hard to say - maybe like 5-10% I'd guess - the screen also loses probably around the same amount of brightness though, but at the same time, it smudges waaaaayyyy less, which is really nice. They should put that on the box.

Edit: didn't see someone posted about this product earlier - could probably merge the two threads.


It is quite expensive though. I will just deal with smudges by wiping with a microfiber cloth. Other than smudges I find it difficult to buy a protector because the screen can take the abuse unless you have cats


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Im curious about the cut outs for the speaker port and the camera. Is it precise? Also, are the edges rounded? If possible could we have close up pics of:

1. Speaker cutout
2. Camera cutouts
3. Edges
3. Side view (showing the thickness of the screen protector protruding out)
4. Cleaning cloth (how good is good?)

Much appreciated!


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I would like to purchase this to prevent screen scratches and smudging, but am worried about the writing feel / parallax.

Can you post pictures of the thing from a side angle on the device?

Hard to justify spending $50 on it when I have complete care, but it seems like it might be worth it if It stops the smudges everywhere.