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Docking station for Surface Laptop 3


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Hi. First time poster.

I have a Surface Laptop 3 15" and would like to find a well designed docking station for it.

I am considering getting a powered USB hub, but would like something more like this docker that was made for the Surface Laptop 1 and Laptop 2, but there is nothing I can find quite like it for the Laptop 3 .


Wondering what other Surface Laptop 3 owners are doing when then need not only more USB ports but also want to attach a second monitor via HDMI, or use other connections in addition to USB.

Thank you!


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Looks very nice! Haven't tested it yet.
Just, my advice, don't go for a USB A dock without dedicated video channel


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Thanks. What do you mean by dedicated video channel? A VGA or HDMI connector? That's what I'm looking for. Surprised to find that there are so many for the SL2 and SL1 but not the SL3.


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Exactly! I have had very good experience with a Dell D3100 with my Surface Pro 2017. But I noticed it had impact on system performance and on the image quality on the two 24" screens attached.
So, now I tested the following: KVM Dock - Dual Monitor - 4K - Laptop Docking Stations (startech.com) but it has a similar idea: the video is put on the USB A by the power of the dock and the CPU, not the GPU of your laptop. So, that's why, in my case, a KVM switch with separate video (HDMI in my case) cable was better.

If you're only opting for docking for your Surface Laptop only without the need to attach the dock to other machines I would go for a Surface Dock 2: Voeding & Dock - Microsoft Store

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