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Setting up 2 docking stations


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Good Evening,

I have a surface dock, it works perfect i run two LG monitors, a usb hub, external HD, CD drive, wireless keyboard and mouse, it all works perfectly with my SP3.

However, my girlfriend got a Dell laptop. Is there a way to split the monitor signals and all of the USB connections to be able to plug them into two docking stations.

My goal is to have my current set up and have two different connections that can go to the SP3 or the laptop. Meaning she could use the monitors and keyboard ect on her laptop, then i can unplug her laptop and plug into my surface dock and use it with the SP3.


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Hello, @wesdunkin. Welcome to the forum.

This is called an A/B or AB switch, for the monitor and for USB. The USB is easy, because switches are rather common. For the monitor, you may need to search for "DVI Manual Switch Selector Box" or "VGA switch", etc.


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Thanks for getting back so quick!!!!!

would i have to manually switch the monitors each time, or would it be an automatic switch?


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The switches are also known as a KVM switch which stands for Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse. It is normally used to control two or more computers from one keyboard, mouse & monitor. The biggest hurdle will be the fact that you are using a surface dock. I love my surface dock, but her Dell will probably not connect. You may try to see if she plugs a USB cable into the surface dock if she can see all of the other USB devices attached. Then check to see if the Wireless Keyboard and mouse will work on her computer through the USB connection to her computer with the surface unplugged. IF it does you are probably going to want to use a video switch with a manual button to switch the monitors. The KVM switches that are "Automatic" usually had you hit a key sequence on the keyboard to switch computers. If the USB connection to the surface dock from her computer does NOT control the USB devices or wireless keyboard and mouse, then you will need to try sharing a USB hub from your dock and her Dell and then use dual monitor KVM switch.
I have used an iogear brand KVM switch in the past and it worked great for the application. There at several companies with Dual monitor KVM switches.

***** Most important - Make sure the KVM switch will support your monitors' resolutions. Many will go 1920 x 1080 but that will not work on a ultrawide 4K monitor. If you do not have one that may be your next monitor. Additionally, you will need to make sure your mini display port adapters for your surface dock will support it. I just spent 2 days troubleshooting monitor issues and dealing with a 4 inch black band down the sides of my 34" monitor. I bought the original display adapter at Walmart. When I connected a Microsoft Surface adapter, it worked immediately.

Good Luck