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Docking station problem


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I have the Toshiba dynadock version, purchased from the MS store as they did not have the MS docking station. Was working fine for a week but now my external monitors , although they show are connected, the screens are blank. I have 2 of these docking stations (1 for home, 1 for office) and have the same problem on both, so not a hardware problem. Any ideas? I've tried updating the driver and uninstalling. Viewing the MS update history, there was no update that may have caused it. Thanks.


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Is your SP2 recognizing that other displays are attached? Go to your desktop, right click the desktop and go to "screen resolution". It should show two monitors are available. The other problem could be that you haven't set your SP2 to output to the other display. You can try changing that both in the "screen resolution" settings or by going to the charm bar's "devices" and "project" screen settings.