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Does Microsoft match order information with service tag?


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To make this story short.

I orderd a Surface pro 2 this week and got it today, i got the "old" CPU. I know that the difference is not that big but if I as s student pay that much I wanted the latest, it will also be easier to sell later on.

The customer support says that he can return mine SP2 and send me a new one but there is no garantuee that it will have the new CPU.

I maybe thought that I would go to a local store, buy a SP2 with a new CPU, get the recipe and a day later return the one with old CPU. So the question I have is, if I need to contact Microsoft support due to a problem, can they see my "service tag" or serial nr because I have orderd directly from them, I do not want them to decline me support.

Thanks for your help!


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You'd wind up with a mess, eventually they'd figure out the serial numbers don't match. I returned 3 of them, each time being promised I'd get the new CPU. I wound up ordering the 512gb model from Best Buy online, and got the new one, finally. The only plus side to all that waiting, repackaging, returning is that I got 8 years of 200gb of OneDrive (SkyDrive) :)


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The Serialnr is NOT matched with your order. So I will go to the local store, buy a SF2 and return the one I got from MS. Then I will still have the warranty from MS but with a better CPU/GPU :)1


When you purchase it from the MS store, the receipt shows the serial number and they verify the serial number when you return or exchange the unit.


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The whole returns/warranty process is based on serial numbers so I'm doubting that would work.