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Does Surface 3 have a DockPort?


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As a couple people have mentioned the Surface 3 Docking Station doesn't have a micro USB Power Connector (photo below) which begs the question how does it power/charge the Surface 3. A couple people also mentioned they tried charging via the USB3 port to no effect. That seems to imply the Surface 3 Docking Station and Surface 3 have DockPorts. i.e A DisplayPort that supports USB Data and Power Charging. http://hothardware.com/news/VESAs-D...ata-And-Power-Charging-To-Mobile-Video-Output

Bonus points to the First person who can verify this theory.


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Is it possible to disable or uninstall the usb 3.0 port on a windows machine?

Or heck, just insert a small slip of paper or acetate paper (do people still use that stuff? :D) etc into the usb port so that it blocks the connection between the dock and the port.